Our Story

Across Malawi, the government, non-governmental organisations, companies, businesses and individuals are building the much-needed infrastructure, improving landscapes, exploiting resources and implementing projects to improve the economy and livelihoods. Our role is to ensure that sustainability is at the core of all these development activities.

Naturenv Consult Today

Naturenv Consult is a Project Management and Sustainability consultancy firm, registered in Malawi in 2015, under the Business Names Registration Act (No 12 of 2012). Our office is in Blantyre, the commercial city of Malawi.

We have a core team with over 40 years combined experience, who provide professional services to help Clients to use resources and manage their impact on people, environment and economy in consideration of both present and future needs. Our mission is to accelerate Malawi’s transition into a middle-income country by integrating sustainability into projects.

Our Story

Since day one, we have been driven, innovative and hard workers in the push for being successful. This is also what we sell to our Clients.

Our story is traced to over 10 years ago. On 11/11/2011, two roommates and classmates at Mzuzu University, Precious Chaponda and Amakhosi Jere handed their respective dissertations for Bachelors’ degree qualifications. This was over 12,000 words research works, solutions to research problems in energy and environment, presented and defended to the research committee. The excitement that followed the submission triggered the dream of becoming consultants.

Therefore, they we did not spend much time applying for jobs after graduation. Rather, they responded to request for bids, calls for expressions of interests and proposals, calls for concept papers and business plans. It took about 2 years to achieve a major success; in 2013 they won an innovation grant sponsored by the Scottish Government and implemented a waste paper to cooking fuel briquettes, recycling project in Blantyre, Malawi. The impact was immense and it fired them to work even harder. In 2015, Naturenv Consult was officially registered.

Over the years, we have successfully supported implementation of over 35 projects in the sectors of infrastructure development, renewable energy and power, water and sanitation and human rights and governance. We have grown our network of Consultants to over 20 Experts. We are reliable and provide value for money services.

Our services include Project Design and Feasibility Studies, Project Baseline, Midline and End Line Studies, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Preparation of Resettlement Action Plans, Project Supervision and Monitoring and Evaluation.